Guide for purchasing thumb drive from supplier

Now there is  flood of services of  thumb drive supplier providing branded promotional USB drives. This is why it can be difficult to choose the right service with so many available. In this article we are going to be looking at what could certainly be the things you should look for when you buy the USB sticks from local thumb drive suppliers.

What is the specialty of the company?
There are many corporate gift companies that are selling personalized promotional thumb drives.  However, there are not many companies that specialize ONLY on selling technology related premium gift in the market.  It is always the wise choice to pick the thumb drive supplier from a company that are solely selling the promotional usb flash.  They are always able to provide professional service in terms of product knowledge and broader usb flash drive models for your selection.

What version of the thumb drive is it?
This is an important thing to consider as well because this is what will determine the speed in which you can transfer things to it and from it. The best way to make this decision is to determine if the USB drives will be used to transfer big files, but since there is no way to determine how people will end up using them, the best bet you have is to always go for 2.0 or higher. Most of the promotional thumb drives are built in version 2.0 .  There are less models for the USB 3.0 version in premium gift industry.

Find out what kind of nandflash grade for the thumb drive

One thing that most people do not realize is that there are many low grade memories that can easily stop working in a few months depending on the frequency of the use. The cheapest ones are usually manufactured with grade C and D in quality, but if you want to give a gift that will last a long time you should get at least grade B and if possible grade A Original chipset.  Please refer this wiki page if you would like to know the in depth knowledge about the thumb drive components.

Do they have data preloading services?
If you are planning to hand out a few hundred of them you are going to need a professional service to do this for you or it will take a way too long for you to do it on your own. The best thing you can do is have someone else take care of this so that you can handle other matters of the business.  The preloading charge is vary from FOC to a small service  fee depending on the total file sizes need to be loaded into the USB flash drive.

What options they offer

There are many styles and designs for this kind of USB drives, but you need to find out just how much they can customize your designs. Most of the suppliers have very generic colors and shapes, but there are some specialized suppliers that have a team that can design the casing as well as the graphic design if you require any of them.

The packaging and overall presentation

pen drive metal box

You should find out what kind of packaging options are being offered and at what kind of prices. There are some very slick looks that you can get for the packaging and this gives you another opportunity to have a slogan or something catchy that will make people remember your brand for a long time.

Know about the people who are getting your gift
This is a great way to know exactly what kind of design choices you will have for your drives. When you are able to give people something useful that looks good, they will most likely use it for many things and this will keep your brand in their heads permanently. There is no better way to achieve some good marketing and promotion that to make sure that people will indeed use the gifts you give to them. This means that your brand will probably be seen by other people that your clients interact with and this will boost your exposure even more.

Make sure you hand out USB drives with enough storage space
If you give people very small USB drives like 256mb or 512mb of space they are probably not going to use them for a long time. If you want people to use the drive many times you need to provide something that has a lot of space in it in this technology age.  We suggest at least 4GB for this purpose.  However, please opt for 8GB if you have the extra budget to spend for the promotional gifts.

IT Gifts Marketing is the leading thumb drive supplier that are specialized on selling promotional usb flash drive.  Please visit our website at for full details.

By Glovis Yan

What are the Advantageous Of Technology Corporate Gifts Over Conventional Corporate Gifts?

With the fast changes brought about by the digital age. More and more corporates are turning into technology corporate gifts over conventional corporate gifts because they do not want to be faced out by the outdated gifts.

We are living in an age where technology has everything that focuses on customer’s needs and wants. The today’s customer is looking for both affordable and quality products, so why not create corporate gifts that remind your customers about your affordable but quality products or services.

So What Are the Advantages?
We are going to pick technology corporate gifts and conventional corporate gifts and discuss their relevance in today’s business platform.

Conventional Promotional Plastic Pen
With a conventional promotional gift pen, only the corporate logo and perhaps the tag line is printed on the pen. Yes there might be loyal customers who will carry the pen with them for everyday use, however, the print used on the logo will come out one day.

Furthermore, what will make the user not to toss away your pen and get the next conventional pen from another corporation?

2 in 1 USB Flash Drive Technology Pen
2 in 1 usb pen has been invented to combine the function of a normal pen and usb flash drive. This new kind of pen is made from different types of materials and it is increasingly becoming the most common thumb drive available in the market today.

2 in 1 USB pen
2 in 1 USB pen

When it comes to promotion, the pen will be accepted by all your customers and they will always have it with them because the flash drive carries their relevant information. Now every time your client pulls out the pen, he or she will always be reminded about your corporate and will always come back. The extra value of the 2 in 1 usb pen will definitely make the receiver keep the item longer than conventional promotional pen.

Conventional Corporate Gift Mug
Yes a corporate mug, great to have on your desk or gift it for your customer to store in their ‘prized’ cabinet because they are not going to use your mug in their business. They will print out theirs or leave the mug at home.

Innovative Technology Corporate Gift
When it comes to corporate gifts, it means you are dealing with corporate clients who are more than likely to carry their computer tablets or laptops wherever they go for business. Take advantage of this and gift them with either an optical mouse or a wireless mouse.
These two options are fantastic corporate gifts to your customer because the entire staff can be gifted with a branded gift that they will make use of every day. Talk about company branding, wired and wireless mouse literary represents the line, hook and sinker terminology.

Why not opt for the latest wired mouse that lights up with your logo reminding your customers that you still have business to do with them.

Light up optical mouse
Light up optical mouse

It’s almost end of year and what a better way to remind your corporate customers about your corporate by giving them technology gifts they will use for a long time, with your corporate logo on them!

Why not gift them with gifts such as USB speaker, portable power bank, digital photo frame or rechargeable LED torch light or even a travel adapter. All in all these technology gifts adorning your corporate logo will remind your clients why they should continue doing business with you, because you care about their needs ion and outside the office!

Travel adapter with printing
Travel adapter with personalized logo printing

Knowing the benefits of technology gift, please feel free to contact us at 03-80703828 or visit our website at for further info.

By Glovis Yan

Are you looking a reliable pen drive supplier?

Have you bought  inferior pen drive from suppliers before? Today we are going to discuss the type of quality of the promotional pen drive by different pen drive supplier in Malaysia.  In general, thumb drive consists of 2 important components namely the nandflash and PCBA board apart from the housing.  The housing of the pen drive can be a public moulding or private moulding.  Public moulding housing is cheaper and easily available while private moulding housing is only available for certain suppliers which they have paid the moulding fee for private use. This translate to the higher cost of the usb with such private housing.

The most important part of the usb flash drive is the nandflash being used in the usb. Nandflash in a pen drive contribute about 70% of the costing.  There are only few legitimate nandflash maker in the world for usb flash drives, which is Toshiba, Samsung, Micron and Intel.  Samsung and Toshiba almost contribute 30% of the overall market share.

In general, the price of the nandflash is control by these two gigantic companies.  They sell the nandflash to the producer in bulk and they DO NOT provide price advantage for usb flash drive maker for huge quantity.  Often the time, there are customers expecting very low price for quantity above 1,000pcs.  Now, you can see why the selling price of  100pcs and 1,000pcs promotional thumb drive is not much difference due to this reason.

Now we are going to reveal the different grades of the nandflash available in the market.

There are 4 grades listed as below:

i) Grade A – Original Nandflash

These kind of chips are made by original makers such as Toshiba and Samsung. The serial number is printed on the Nandflash for traceability. Pen drive made with original Nandflash are most expensive as compare to others grade.  However, they are the most reliable chipset with warranty from the original maker. Normally the real capacity is about 90%-95% from the label capacity.

ii) Grade B – OEM Nandflash

The wafer and chips are cut by the OEM fabricator maker.  This type of chip is also reliable but definitely not reach the quality standard of the original Nandflash in terms of reliability, durability and reading/writing speed.  Normally the real capacity is about 85-90% of the label capacity.

iii) Grade C – Downgrade Nandflash

This kind of Nandflash are rejected parcel from the original and OEM nandflash fabricator.  It is normally has around 40% failure rate and its capacity is normally 70%-80% of the label capacity.  The quality of this kind of nandflash is unreliable and has high failure rate.

 iv) Grade D – Counterfeit Nandflash

This is the most pathetic when a customer happen to buy this kind of pen drive from suppliers.  The flash drive supplier will use the lower capacity chips to make higher capacity flash drive.  Supplier might use 512MB chip and software upgraded to make 4GB or 8GB pen drive !!!  The computer will show 4GB/8GB but the actual capacity is much lower than indicated.

pen drive memory guarantee IT Gifts Marketing is the leading wholesaler and importer of promotional usb flash drive using First Grade original nandflash with 1 year warranty.    For more information, please visit our website at

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Why buy USB Flash drive as promotional gifts?

usb pen drive
usb pen drive with silkscreen printing

What is the  great benefits of buying usb flash drive as promotional gifts? If you’ve been keeping up with current marketing trends, it’s quite obvious and easy to figure out what’s working and what’s not. Nowadays, almost every successful company both big and large, is using promotional gifts as a way to promote their company, image, brand or the current programs that they offer. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something small, affordable and highly valuable to many people that you could use as a promotional gift for a successful marketing campaign? Well there’s something that matches those exactly, and we’re here to tell you that they are USB flash drives!

IT Gifts Marketing provides its many clients and customers with corporate level gifts. We’ve been in business for many years and in that time, we have quickly grown to be able to deliver high quality products at great affordable prices. So the question still needs to be answered, how can USB flash drives serve as promotional gifts for my business or brand?

Well, everyone loves free stuff, don’t they? If you take the time necessary to imprint or embed your company’s logo, name or quote onto the flash drive, which is quite easy to do, you will have a tool that will attract new customers and clients to your business. Think about it, how often have you received a promotional email from a company blabbing on about their mundane and boring product or service? How often have you thrown away some type of post card or flyer that someone handed you on the street about their new business? Chances are that most people will not accept this medium of advertising, but we all find great use with USB thumb drives because we use them every day and they bring value to our lives.

The great thing about USB flash drives, is that they come in many different styles, sizes, shapes and storage capacities to match your needs and budget. If your company colors include a blue or orange design, then we have the perfect stylish colored drives to match your brand. Branding is one of the most important key pieces of promotional requirements to get your business or name remembered. A typical pen or boring looking stapler will not leave much of an impression, and they will most likely be thrown in a drawer somewhere. But with a USB flash drive, your potential customer will most likely carry it with them everywhere they go and have a daily reminder of your company’s message or brand logo; consider it an investment!

By Glovis Yan