What Is Creative Technology Related Door Gift For Wedding?

So it is your wedding day and you are conflicted about looking the ideal door gift for the wedding ? You are looking something unique and will match the theme for  your wedding guests?

The pending problem however is how you are going to get the most appropriate door gift that will help your friends or relatives who attended the wedding have a good memory after the function. The gift you bequeath your best friends of all things needs to be frugal, unique and valuable.

Why not consider the technology related wedding gifts? Get them a gift they will remember you with and most likely use it frequently especially in this technology age.

Some of the great technology related wedding gifts for bride and groom can include:

Custom made Wedding Car Shape USB Stick

You can opt for a customized flash drive with the shape and design of a wedding car, bridal and groom portrait or even just a simple heart shaped custom made pen drive that will highly appreciated by the attendants.

Custom made USB Stick with wedding car design.
Custom made USB Stick with wedding car design.

This perfect gift can be customized to any imagination shapes and design with required storage capacity ranging from 2GB-32GB according to your budget.

What is a gift without sentimental touch to it? Personalize the USB flash drive with a color that will give the flash drive’s exterior a personalized touch. Furthermore, it is possible to customize the USB packaging to ensure that your gift is safe and more presentable to the guests.

Heart Shaped Crystal USB Flash Disk

The perfect door gift idea for wedding! This unique wedding gift comes with an easy plug and play installation interface, the heart shaped crystal pen drive has been designed to function on the latest Operating Systems on Mac and Windows run Pcs.

Heart shape crystal usb drive
Heart shape crystal usb drive

The drive is 2.0 integrated and not only is it a looker, its works wonders, it is stylish and you can get it in various color and the exterior crystals will make the gift looks more elegant and stylish.

Give the attendants a wedding heart shaped crystal pen drive with enough storage capacity that will hold the wedding photos, videos that they can carry with them anywhere they want to go!

Heart Shaped Optical Mouse

Another unique but adorable door gift to bequeath the guests of a wedding is the beautiful heart shaped optical mouse. The mouse lights up when you move it around! Now you can have your friends’ nerd up when they are using the computer!

Heart shape optical mouse or wired mouse
Heart shape optical mouse

Furthermore, the heart shaped optical mouse features an ergonomic design and is suitable for both right and left had drivers. The mouse comes as plug and play and there is no need for drivers, you can get it a range of colors.  Furthermore, the wired mouse can be personalized to have printing on the body using pad printing.  This is a perfect wedding gift for persons who spend a whole lot of time working on their computers!

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By Glovis Yan

What are the Advantageous Of Technology Corporate Gifts Over Conventional Corporate Gifts?

With the fast changes brought about by the digital age. More and more corporates are turning into technology corporate gifts over conventional corporate gifts because they do not want to be faced out by the outdated gifts.

We are living in an age where technology has everything that focuses on customer’s needs and wants. The today’s customer is looking for both affordable and quality products, so why not create corporate gifts that remind your customers about your affordable but quality products or services.

So What Are the Advantages?
We are going to pick technology corporate gifts and conventional corporate gifts and discuss their relevance in today’s business platform.

Conventional Promotional Plastic Pen
With a conventional promotional gift pen, only the corporate logo and perhaps the tag line is printed on the pen. Yes there might be loyal customers who will carry the pen with them for everyday use, however, the print used on the logo will come out one day.

Furthermore, what will make the user not to toss away your pen and get the next conventional pen from another corporation?

2 in 1 USB Flash Drive Technology Pen
2 in 1 usb pen has been invented to combine the function of a normal pen and usb flash drive. This new kind of pen is made from different types of materials and it is increasingly becoming the most common thumb drive available in the market today.

2 in 1 USB pen
2 in 1 USB pen

When it comes to promotion, the pen will be accepted by all your customers and they will always have it with them because the flash drive carries their relevant information. Now every time your client pulls out the pen, he or she will always be reminded about your corporate and will always come back. The extra value of the 2 in 1 usb pen will definitely make the receiver keep the item longer than conventional promotional pen.

Conventional Corporate Gift Mug
Yes a corporate mug, great to have on your desk or gift it for your customer to store in their ‘prized’ cabinet because they are not going to use your mug in their business. They will print out theirs or leave the mug at home.

Innovative Technology Corporate Gift
When it comes to corporate gifts, it means you are dealing with corporate clients who are more than likely to carry their computer tablets or laptops wherever they go for business. Take advantage of this and gift them with either an optical mouse or a wireless mouse.
These two options are fantastic corporate gifts to your customer because the entire staff can be gifted with a branded gift that they will make use of every day. Talk about company branding, wired and wireless mouse literary represents the line, hook and sinker terminology.

Why not opt for the latest wired mouse that lights up with your logo reminding your customers that you still have business to do with them.

Light up optical mouse
Light up optical mouse

It’s almost end of year and what a better way to remind your corporate customers about your corporate by giving them technology gifts they will use for a long time, with your corporate logo on them!

Why not gift them with gifts such as USB speaker, portable power bank, digital photo frame or rechargeable LED torch light or even a travel adapter. All in all these technology gifts adorning your corporate logo will remind your clients why they should continue doing business with you, because you care about their needs ion and outside the office!

Travel adapter with printing
Travel adapter with personalized logo printing

Knowing the benefits of technology gift, please feel free to contact us at 03-80703828 or visit our website at http://www.itgifts.com.my for further info.

By Glovis Yan