Card shape pen drive as premium gift

Card shape pen drive or usb card is a new trend of premium gift nowadays. Nothing makes your corporate relationships stronger better than giving a great gift to the people that you do business with or those you are looking to attract as new customers. It could be a very difficult task to choose the right gift to give them and this is why we have come up with the perfect solution for you. The card shaped flash drive is the best promotional gift you can ever give to people and we all know just how useful and practical the flash drives are for everyone who uses computers and works with all kinds of technology.

card shape pen drive or usb card as premium gifts
Card shape pen drive with full color printing as premium gift

The card shaped USB drive can be customized to make for a perfect gift that displays your brand in a more noticeable way that will ensure that they always remember your company and the services your business provides. This is something that they will use all the time and they might even lend it to their coworkers or their friends and this will give you even more exposure for your brand.

Since you will have more printing space for your design, it’s always a good idea to print as much as you can on your card shaped drive. Your company logo with a cool background and maybe even a slogan are all great ways to make a strong impression on anyone that takes a look at the USB storage device.

Think of this gift as the promotional card that allows you to advertise your business every single time that a person uses the USB to save any information that they have on their computers. Your gift will always come in handy for them and this is also something that has a lot of influence in how they will remember your company for future business.

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By Glovis Yan

Are you looking a reliable pen drive supplier?

Have you bought  inferior pen drive from suppliers before? Today we are going to discuss the type of quality of the promotional pen drive by different pen drive supplier in Malaysia.  In general, thumb drive consists of 2 important components namely the nandflash and PCBA board apart from the housing.  The housing of the pen drive can be a public moulding or private moulding.  Public moulding housing is cheaper and easily available while private moulding housing is only available for certain suppliers which they have paid the moulding fee for private use. This translate to the higher cost of the usb with such private housing.

The most important part of the usb flash drive is the nandflash being used in the usb. Nandflash in a pen drive contribute about 70% of the costing.  There are only few legitimate nandflash maker in the world for usb flash drives, which is Toshiba, Samsung, Micron and Intel.  Samsung and Toshiba almost contribute 30% of the overall market share.

In general, the price of the nandflash is control by these two gigantic companies.  They sell the nandflash to the producer in bulk and they DO NOT provide price advantage for usb flash drive maker for huge quantity.  Often the time, there are customers expecting very low price for quantity above 1,000pcs.  Now, you can see why the selling price of  100pcs and 1,000pcs promotional thumb drive is not much difference due to this reason.

Now we are going to reveal the different grades of the nandflash available in the market.

There are 4 grades listed as below:

i) Grade A – Original Nandflash

These kind of chips are made by original makers such as Toshiba and Samsung. The serial number is printed on the Nandflash for traceability. Pen drive made with original Nandflash are most expensive as compare to others grade.  However, they are the most reliable chipset with warranty from the original maker. Normally the real capacity is about 90%-95% from the label capacity.

ii) Grade B – OEM Nandflash

The wafer and chips are cut by the OEM fabricator maker.  This type of chip is also reliable but definitely not reach the quality standard of the original Nandflash in terms of reliability, durability and reading/writing speed.  Normally the real capacity is about 85-90% of the label capacity.

iii) Grade C – Downgrade Nandflash

This kind of Nandflash are rejected parcel from the original and OEM nandflash fabricator.  It is normally has around 40% failure rate and its capacity is normally 70%-80% of the label capacity.  The quality of this kind of nandflash is unreliable and has high failure rate.

 iv) Grade D – Counterfeit Nandflash

This is the most pathetic when a customer happen to buy this kind of pen drive from suppliers.  The flash drive supplier will use the lower capacity chips to make higher capacity flash drive.  Supplier might use 512MB chip and software upgraded to make 4GB or 8GB pen drive !!!  The computer will show 4GB/8GB but the actual capacity is much lower than indicated.

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By Glovis Yan